Date: Thursday 19/06/08 17 CET / 16 GMT
Format: 6on6 elimination
Teams: 16
Signup: join #ALMIGHTY.ET and type ..

!add #clan [lineup] [server] [extra info]
(lineup must look like x,x,x,x,x,x)
e.g !add #clan x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x6,x7 Yes

Your team will be automatically added to the list.

Signups will close on Thursday at 16 CET.

First round: supply (17 CET)
Quarter Final: sw_goldrush_te (17:45 CET)
Semi Final: braundorf_b4 (18:30 CET)
Final: radar + bremen_b2 (19:30 CET - ETTV)

List of all the teams signed up.

Will be online 15 minutes before the cup.

 We will try our best to make this cup cheater-free.

Hype - Cupper - mind - Panda - fixxxer - hensie - [you here?]

 Hall of Fame:
- Sublime - Hype, sexyhot, uf0l, FaKy, beAsty, wiadro, miXer
 #1 -
Sa!nts - Hype, FaTaL, Nyke, olBaa, dizA, sniff



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