Before the match
- you must be in #ALMIGHTY.ET at all times.
- format is 6on6 knockout, one map only, final = 2 maps.
- pm hype or another admin if you cannot contact your opponent.
- cheaters will NOT be allowed to play in this cup (there may be exceptions).
- server must have the latest CB config with latest ETPro, make sure the server is non-crashable with the ws command.
- use your own server, server will be provided for the final with ETTV (ip will be given by admin), if you can't find a server, pm hype or other op.
- if you want an admin for your match, pm an op in #ALMIGHTY.ET (admins can choose which match they decide to spectate).
- you must record demos of the match.
- 1 spectator is allowed (if opponent agrees) for every match but the final.

During the match
- double fullhold = map elimination (loser of cointoss gets to choose side).
- forfeit can be given if the team fails to ready up 15 minutes into the match (screenshots will be required).
- a team can play with 5 players if they wish.
- you are only allowed ONE merc from the lineup you posted with (any other mercs must be noted to Hype).
- no bug abusing or pausing at crane controls on supply.
- no door blocking or any other form of rule breaking according to clanbase league rules.

After the match
- pm the result to hype, if hype is not available, pm another op or just put result in channel.
- if opponent refuses to send their demo, pm an admin.
- check the brackets on the site to see your next opponent, you can play your matches earlier if you wish.

- pm an admin for any other queries.

Maplist is on home page.