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:: Kernel Upgrade
Today we rebooted the system for a new and more secure kernel.
DATE: 2013-05-24

:: Kernel Upgrade
Today we rebooted the system for a new and more secure kernel. We hope you will join us and have a wonderful new year 2012 !!!
DATE: 2012-01-01

:: Broadband Upgrade
Today we got 25 mbit full duplex fiber, we hope you will enjoy the upgrade
DATE: 2006-08-31

:: Kernel/System Update
Now the server got more stable kernel and more stable system
DATE: 2006-01-26

:: Upgrade
Now supraservers got more diskspace finally
DATE: 2005-11-25

:: Back!!!
Now people, the server is clean and up again 24/7 at the real server place... thanks for waiting
DATE: 2005-07-29

:: New year
We hope for more servers this year happy new year 2005 and thanks for visiting our site.
DATE: 2004-12-31

:: Site up
Finally it's finished.
DATE: 2004-12-12

:: News
Probably our second server is coming up soon.
DATE: 2004-12-12

:: Welcome to SupraServers.Net

We are a non-beneficial-team that supports musicians and disc jockeys that doesn't have the fame yet on the market and not the money to host a website or to get the productions online to spread over the whole Internet. If you feel that we can be at any service or help you in any kind of way just click the "get hosted" button and we will check if you are eligible to get it from us.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you have a pleasant stay.

:: Affilities

If you like to be part of our affilities then email us on the following address support@supraservers.net

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