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:: Kernel Upgrade
Today we rebooted the system for a new and more secure kernel.
DATE: 2013-05-24

:: Kernel Upgrade
Today we rebooted the system for a new and more secure kernel. We hope you will join us and have a wonderful new year 2012 !!!
DATE: 2012-01-01

:: Broadband Upgrade
Today we got 25 mbit full duplex fiber, we hope you will enjoy the upgrade
DATE: 2006-08-31

:: Kernel/System Update
Now the server got more stable kernel and more stable system
DATE: 2006-01-26

:: Upgrade
Now supraservers got more diskspace finally
DATE: 2005-11-25

:: Back!!!
Now people, the server is clean and up again 24/7 at the real server place... thanks for waiting
DATE: 2005-07-29

:: New year
We hope for more servers this year happy new year 2005 and thanks for visiting our site.
DATE: 2004-12-31

:: Site up
Finally it's finished.
DATE: 2004-12-12

:: News
Probably our second server is coming up soon.
DATE: 2004-12-12

All usage of our services is at customer's responsibility, we cannot be responsible of customer's usage of our services. And we don't take any responsibility about content of user's web space. We can't be guilty of paying any damages that our customers do. Porn, racism, or other material that is illegal according to the Swedish law is forbidden to store on our servers. Copywrited material that the user doesn't own cannot be stored on our servers. Pictures, music, text files, or anything like it can't be published without the owner's permission. Trojan, viruses, or other harming files can't either be stored on the server. We accept only your own material on your web space with us to be stored. One big rule is that you can't give away your space or on any circumstances distribute space for others to use.

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